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We are
facility services company


Why choose Stell?

The cornerstones of our existence are honesty, intelligence and proactivity — we carry these values with us in all of our endeavours. We are caring, entrepreneurial and innovative and set the direction our fields of expertise take.

Through a broad selection of services, we offer our clients all-in-one solutions for management in the real estate environment, which in addition to the classic real estate maintenance and management service also includes support services. We develop a service concept in cooperation with the client, specifically in accordance with their needs.

For consistent modernisation of service concepts, we rely on our long-term international experience and the latest tools, methods and IT solutions. The services offered by Stell assist in making the working environment of our clients safe and pleasant for both their employees and their own clients.

 We offer our clients:

  • a sense of safety and peace of mind because we do our job reliably and well
  • we give the client our undivided attention and include them in all processes
  • we recognise and propose solutions to problems before they emerge
  • we develop our services consistently to offer the most modern, effective and environmentally friendly solutions

We are a valued partner to our clients for the both the services we provide and the ideas we contribute. We offer our clients a sense of safety, a personal approach, problem prevention and innovation.