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Management of apartment buildings

We can be of invaluable use to partners who organise the administrative side of things for entire apartment associations. Well-maintained buildings and properties determine the value of real estate. We assist in extending the life of real estate by offering an all-inclusive management service that involves a personal manager, technical maintenance, an emergency service, a repair service, a general maintenance service, a general property maintenance, an accounting service and a legal aid service.

Today, Stell has more than 300 satisfied clients all over Estonia.




Our all-inclusive apartment building management service includes:

  • A personal manager — a housing expert whose tasks are to:
    • supervise maintenance contracts
    • conduct regular management inspections — annual inspections of a building to assess the its technical condition
    • draw up repair plans — the compilation of a preliminary repair budget during the inspection of a building
    • analyse costs — analysis of a building's general meter readings (water, electricity, gas, etc.) to identify leaks or misuse
    • organise meetings
    • organise support services
    • issue reports
    • Apartment association management service