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Quality, the environment and occupational health

Stell's management system has been recognised as meeting the requirements of the international ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 standards. This integrated management system indicates that we offer our clients high-quality, environmentally friendly services that we agree on in advance, whilst placing importance on the health and safety of our clients and employees.

Wishing to provide our clients with an effective and reliable service, we extensively research their needs and wishes. We communicate with our clients in an honest and straightforward manner, are proactive in offering new solutions and keep our promises. In order to further convey and modernise our expertise, we consistently conduct training for employees at every level.

Stell's core principles in regard to quality:

Offering clients high-quality, competitively priced real estate management and maintenance services. Ensuring that all activity is in accordance with regulations and consistently improving them.

To provide training services and consultations in the area of ​​the real estate environment, with the aim of contributing to the development of the field

Stell's core principles in regard to the environment:

Ensuring high awareness of issues in the work and environmental fields. Use of the best working methods and most modern technology. Consistent monitoring of compliance with legal regulations. Ensuring that we act according to environmental regulations in regard to outdoor cleaning and greenery jobs. Implementing and documenting improvement activities in regard to negative environmental impact.

Stell's core principles regarding occupational health and safety:

Ensuring the existence of danger-free work environments in all of the places we operate by implementing measures for evaluating, preventing and avoiding the risk of occupational accidents and health hazards. Paying attention to the minimisation of working environment hazards and dangers in work organisation. Complying with all valid laws, regulations and rules in regard to safety.