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Responsible company

We firmly believe that the company's long-term success depends on social, environmental and economic balance in our business activities.
We contribute to sustained economic development and responsible business practices in the following ways:

Stell’s strategic social responsibility

We are a company with a large number of employees. Our main activity has only a small impact on the environment, but a significant impact on society and employment. That is why we have chosen the area of ​​social responsibility as a strategic development goal. We are actively engaged in the employment of risk groups in the labour market.

We are an active partner in solving social problems related to the labour market risk groups – both partner for the state and for organizations representing such groups. We include people with disabilities and special needs, people over 60 who do not speak the official national language, and young unemployed persons as risk groups.

Defense service training sessions are important part of national defence. We would like to motivate our employees to participate in these training sessions and thereby making small contribution to strengthening Estonia's defense capability. Addition to the daily guarantee paid in accordance with the Armed Forces Service Act, Stell pays the amount between the salary and the guarantee to the  reservists who take part of training gatherings. We believe that supporting the participants increases their willingness to participate in national defense activities.

Work and human rights and occupational health

  • We give everyone an equal opportunity to enter the labour market.
  • We work with our employees, the local community and society at large to improve the livelihood of employees in a way that is sustainable for both the economy and our company.
  • We ensure just and equal treatment of employees and tolerate neither discrimination nor harassment.
  • We promote the principle of adherence to working hours.
  • We avoid the use of child labour.
  • We guarantee our employees proper working conditions and a safe working environment.
  • We offer employees training opportunities according to their field of activity.
  • We respect the privacy of our employees and protect the relevant content of their data.

Business ethics

  • All of our business activity is legal.
  • Competition is honest and based solely on the positive aspects of our services.
  • We fight corruption and bribery.
  • Our activities are organised according to best practice in company management.
  • We ensure that all of our company's social, environmental and moral responsibilities are reflected in how our clients, providers and other affiliated groups are treated.

Reporting on injustice, corruption and illegal competition

Stell Eesti Anticorruption Code of Conduct states: Stell competes in business on fair terms and solely on the basis of the quality of its services, without compromising its credibility or business relationships.
Stell allows all employees, business partners and other stakeholders to report any serious and sensitive incidents that adversely affect the company's operations and that cannot be reported through a standard reporting channel.

Examples of such cases are:

  • financial fraud (for example, falsification of accounts, disposal of assets, falsified invoices, etc.);
  • bribery or corruption (for example, conflict of interest, bribery, uncoordinated sponsorship, etc.);
  • violation of competition laws (for example, price agreements, coordination with competitors in bad faith, etc.);
  • creation of serious danger to the environment, life and health;
  • other activities that are considered improper by law, contract or agreement (for example, discriminatory practices, illegal use of child labour, human rights violations).


The identity of the notifier will be kept secret.
All communication is anonymous and confidential, unless the notifier himself or herself wishes to have it disclosed to a wider circle. We encourage you not to hide your identity and to explain your concern in sufficient detail so that we could initiate an investigation. Please provide as much information as possible to assist Stell in investigating the complaint.

Prevention of discrimination and retaliation

Stell will ensure that no employee or third party who reports any problem to Stell in good faith and with personal knowledge is at risk of discrimination or retaliation.

Report any serious and delicate cases to address usaldus@stell.ee

Code of Conduct

Fighting corruption and bribery

  • We are against all forms of corruption and bribery.
  • We compete under just conditions and solely for the benefit of our own services.
  • We have strictly outlawed personal payments, bribes and pay-offs between clients, providers and officials.
  • It is prohibited to accept gifts or bonuses from business partners — with the exception of this being usual practice in a given environment or of purely symbolic value.

Relations with our business partners

  • We perform services in accordance with the quality, health and safety regulations established for the fields in which our clients operate.
  • We respect the privacy of our clients and protect the relevant content of their data.
  • We convey any issues our clients raise quickly and consider them valuable contributions to the high quality of our consistently improving service.

Compliance with competition laws

  • We do not enter into agreements with competitors in order to determine prices or share services, sales quotas or markets.
  • We do not enter into secret agreements with competitors or exchange information on the basis of such agreements.
  • We do not discuss any matters regarding competition (price setting, discounts, sales terms, etc.) with competitors.

Responsible marketing principles

Stell has set a goal of giving priority in its marketing activities to small Estonian businesses and start-ups, providing them with growth opportunities.

When choosing promotional materials and gifts, we give preference to products made in Estonia and/or from recycled materials, or products that have a positive impact on the environment in other ways.

Supply chain measure to mitigate climate change

Stell strives to reduce CO2 emissions through its purchasing process.
To do this, we accurately identify current needs and purchase only as required, avoiding stockpiling.
By regularly renewing the company’s vehicle fleet, we request and compare WLTP performance, acquiring Euro 6 compliant vehicles and opting for hybrid vehicles over traditional petrol vehicles whenever possible.
We prefer all-season tyres to studded ones, especially for city traffic, where they cause less damage to roads and emit less dust and rubber particles.
The equipment used in street cleaning is serviced in a timely manner and regularly updated – new technologies provide lower fuel consumption.

When choosing major suppliers, our strict requirement is the availability of a digital ordering environment and delivery of goods directly to the site. Digital solutions reduce paperwork, while delivery to the site reduces fuel consumption.
When choosing cleaning products, we make sustainable decisions: we use recycled paper products, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, economical and environmentally friendly machines, water, energy-saving dosing systems, etc.

Diversity hiring

Recruitment, as well as the activities of Stell, are based on the principles of maintaining a diverse workforce.
We consider a diverse team to be made up of people of different ages, educations, nationalities, genders, physical or mental characteristics, and sexual orientations. All of them are equally valuable to us, and we welcome them all. We try to offer the right job for everyone.

Stell offers internships to students, providing them with valuable experience and always welcoming the best of the best in its ranks.
Diversity recruitment is supported by job postings that are always neutral in terms of gender, age, and nationality.