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Cleaning services

The goal of the cleaning services is to create a high-quality living and working environment.

We consistently train our employees and develop new methods to offer a comprehensive and environmentally friendly service and to ensure clean and healthy results in accordance with the client's expectations.

Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning ensures that rooms are always clean and presentable.

We suggest ordering interior cleaning at regular intervals to keep premises consistently clean. Additionally, to regular maintenance cleaning, we recommend ordering cleaning services also during the day time to buildings that are larger or areas where it is intensive visitor flow.

There are special cleaning jobs which should also be performed at regular Intervals:

  • Dry-cleaning of carpets
  • Dry-cleaning of soft furniture
  • Maintenance and protection of floors
  • Deep-cleaning of escalators and moving walkways
  • Window-cleaning
  • Post-construction work cleaning
  • Large-scale cleaning in offices, production spaces, stores, warehouses, etc.

Interior cleaning includes a variety of services:

  • A floor mat replacement service
  • A full solution for cleaning products
  • Waste management and garbage sorting solutions
  • Plant maintenance
  • Coffee machine and kitchen appliance maintenance
  • Cleaning of IT devices

Outdoor cleaning

We offer a full outdoor cleaning service:

  • We ensure that the entrances to the building are safe and appropriately maintained
  • We manage and hoist national flags and company flags
  • We maintain and clean the site's outdoor inventory (rubbish bins, benches and bicycle racks)
  • We maintain lawns by mowing, when necessary airing and fertilising the soil, and watering if requested. In autumn, we clean-up leaves together with utilization
  • We maintain greenery by performing hedge-trimming, maintaining planting areas, planting seasonal flowers and offering a watering service
  • We maintain roadways and car parks, including mechanised snow removal and de-icing, and in summertime mechanised brushing and moss removal.
  • We organise large-volume waste disposal. For the disposal of larger volumes of waste, we use a vehicle with a hook lift and special interchangeable container. We have certification to organise waste management according to a waste management plan.

The goal of outdoor cleaning is to create a good general impression of the building and premises, to ensure a longer life cycle for the building and site and to minimise the dangers caused by the weather to the people and machines on the property being maintained.

Special cleaning jobs help maintain the external appearance of the building and help keep the premises presentable:

  • Cleaning of roofs and guttering, including removal of snow from the roof and ice spikes
  • Cleaning of the facade and facade elements
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Outside cleaning of windows
  • Brushing and mechanised cleaning of car parks and parking stations
  • Cut down of dangerous trees and cutting of branches
  • Pest control
  • Maintenance of security and fire-protection devices
  • Installing and maintaining of locks
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Cleaning of ventilation shafts

Keeping environment!

Stell actively contributes to environmental protection and therefore we use only approved and environmentally friendly products that are specifically made to provide cleaning services.