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Stell: a new star in the Estonian property maintenance

Stell is a new brand in the sector of property maintenance in Estonia, taken into use in 2020. Previously, the company was known under the name of ISS Eesti.

Stell’s history in Estonia dates back to 1995, when the cleaning services company ESS Puhastusteenused was founded. For the last 15 years, our firm was a part of ISS, one of the world’s largest group of companies providing property management and cleaning services, whose joint and shared know-how and skills allowed our company to make use of experience accumulated over a hundred years.

What is Stell?

Stell is a company specialising in the real estate management. We focus on creating high-quality living and working environments as well as taking care of and improving or customers’ property.

Our broad range of services ensures we can provide customers with integrated solutions which cover a number of support services in addition to standard real estate management and administration.

In the process of developing our services and upgrading our concept, we rely on lengthy transnational experience in the sector of real estate management and administration. We are willing to provide our employees and customers alike with the latest equipment and techniques, implementing a variety of sector-specific IT solutions for better results.

The services Stell offers will help our customers make their working environment safe and pleasant for their own staff and clients. What plays a very important role here is the feedback and opinions from the customers and our employees.

Honest, smart, active
Our core principles can be described by three key words: honest, smart, active. These are the values we follow in anything we do. We are innovative, enterprising and pioneering explorers, showing the way in our industry. We always look forward to going an extra mile.

Stell invents, cares and shows the way

The name “Stell” draws inspiration from Stella Polaris, the North Star. For thousands of years, it has been irreplaceable in helping seafarers navigate. This bright star helps one determine the right direction and shows the right way to those seeking to explore new lands and those returning home alike. Similarly, so does Stell help find the right way and move on, even as far as to the starts.
Stell’s archetype is a creator and inventor, who is also endowed with the qualities of a caretaker. The underlying motivation for both the inventor and the caretaker is to create a better world by doing something good for others. The quality that is common for these two is the love of order and creating order.
The inventor is driven by innovation and creativity and wants to create new things in a thoughtful, purposeful and determined way, not by hopping haphazardly. The caretaker wants to help others like a parent or caring older sibling.

How to recognise Stell?

Stell’s brand colours are blue, light-grey and white. You will certainly easily recognise our new logo on our vehicles, employees’ uniforms and other items.