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ISS Eesti starts operating under a new name: Stell

Having left the international property management group in the summer of 2019, ISS Eesti will from now on be operating under a new name, Stell. The company’s ambition is to become a leading facility management enterprise in the Baltic market in five years.

Today, Stell is one of the leading companies which render property management and administration services in Estonia, its personnel comprising 1500 people. The company’s portfolio boasts nearly 400 corporate clients and more than 300 apartment owners’ associations all over the country.

Mikk Sillamaa, the CEO and chair of the board at Stell, says changing the name of the company does not merely mean getting a new logo: it stands for setting new goals in the business strategy. “The most significant change concerns the fact that the company used to focus on reaching the goals of ISS Group when it was a part of it. Now we have agreed on new goals with the supervisory board, and the most important one is securing a strong leading position in the domestic market of facility management, by which we mean the Baltic market. The goal is not as much about increasing sales or the number of employees as about aspiring to become the most valuable partner for clients and counterparts in property management segment,” Sillamaa noted.

Margus Välling, Stell’s head of sales and procurements, adds that Stell is the only player in Estonian market to provide clients with integrated facility management solutions which cover a number of support services in addition to standard property management and administration. “We aim to create high-quality living and working environments for our partners so that they can focus on their primary line of business. Be it cleaning, repairs, utility system management, accounting or legal assistance, preparations for meetings or supplying an office with drinks, snacks and other necessities, the client can leave all of this to us. At the same time, we continue developing our services. For example, as innovation pioneers, we were the first in the sector to start using Lumebot snow removal robots invented in Estonia,” Välling elaborated.

No changes in the company management are to be expected in relation to the rebranding, and the staff will continue employment as before. “Although the ISS brand is a strong one on the global scale, what has made it strong in the first place is the people working for the company, professional high-quality services and good customer relationships. The company has been working to establish and maintain these values for its 25 years of operation, and this is something that will remain,” Sillamaa assured.

Preparations for the rebranding took six months. Stell was first introduced to the company’s employees, major clients and partners at the evening reception held on 16 January.