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Tips for creating a safe shopping environment

As of the new week, all shops and service points can be reopened. To guarantee an excellent shopping environment, we must protect the health of all customers and employees, as well as meet the prerequisites for safe shopping.

Preparations for reopening require for every trader and service provider to work out a specific plan, mainly on reorganising the physical space in the shops to support the measures of social distancing and other safety requirements. It is necessary to train employees on how to create a safe environment and protect themselves. In case of suspicion of exposure to the virus, an organised reaction plan must be in place.

We have put down some tips and listed our support activities for commercial and service space owners to prepare for reopening.

Tips for commercial and service space owners

  • Mark down the direction of movement in the salesroom and place products so that it is possible to keep a safe distance
  • The shop should be equipped with sanitisers and disposable protective gloves
  • Sanitiser stands (with a hands-free sensor, preferably) should be placed in easily noticeable and accessible places
  • Create a possibility to dispose of personal protective equipment when leaving the shop
  • Instruct employees on cleanliness and hygiene
  • Run ventilation for longer, start a few hours earlier than usually and stop later
  • If there is no forced ventilation system, the rooms must be heavily ventilated by opening windows
  • Extract ventilation in bathrooms should be on 24/7
  • Recirculating vents should be set on 100% fresh air mode
  • Rotary heat exchangers of rotor-type ventilation equipment should not be used
  • If possible, convector heaters should not be used
  • Select a partner able to react in time and guarantee the thorough cleaning and disinfection of the rooms

Support activities from Stell

  • We assure regular cleaning of the sanitising stations (including cleaning and refilling the dispenser)
  • We have the capability to clean contact surfaces every 2–4 hours
  • We empty the trash bins more frequently than usual
  • We offer systemic and organised cleaning of shopping baskets and carts outside of the customer service area
  • We instruct employees on the correct use of cleaning techniques and supplies
  • We assure our customer the supply of protective masks, disposable protective gloves and hand sanitisers
  • We offer the equipment and installation of sanitiser dispensers with a hands-free sensor, which can be installed on the wall, on independent stands or working surfaces
  • Internal cleaning and disinfection of ventilation pipes with special cleaning supplies and spraying equipment
  • We offer prompt service for special cleaning and disinfection requests
  • We offer various solutions for disinfection

If you need further counselling or want to cooperate to assure a safe and clean shopping environment for your customers, do not hesitate to contact us! Send us an inquiry via our homepage Ask for a quote or send us an e-mail at info@stell.ee.