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Stell introduced the new disinfection method to the Estonian market

On Monday, April 20, Stell performed electrostatic spray technology for disinfection in the Apollo Cinemas of Mustamäe for the first time in Estonia. The introduction of new technology to the market is primarily due to the increased expectations of customers for cleaning services and disinfection in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In electrostatic disinfection of surfaces, an electric charge is added to the cleaning agent by spraying – the particles of the positively charged substance do not fall on top of each other, but move towards the surface with a negative or neutral charge. This method is easy and quick and is more efficient than conventional spray or cleaning by contact method, as the electrostatically charged particles emitted by the spray method can enter the microcracks of the surfaces. As a result, the entire surface is covered with a disinfectant that kills the viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms there.

According to Margus Välling, Stell’s Purchasing and Sales Director, the choice of disinfection tools and methods is very wide in the market, but we try to find the best solution for each customer. “Today’s situation, with increasing demands on cleanliness and disinfection due to the spread of the coronavirus, encourages innovation and the introduction of new solutions. Electrostatic disinfection is one of those possibilities that has not been tested in Estonia so far, but which has a lot of positive feedback from the rest of the world, in terms of its positives benefits – the speed and efficiency of disinfection. We are pleased that Apollo Kino will make decisions in favor of future technology in terms of its employees and customers, and we hope that interested in this service will grow , ”added Välling.

Kadri Ärm, CEO of Apollo Kino Baltics, explained that electrostatic disinfection is the first major action of several upcoming hygiene operations in Apollo cinemas to prepare for the opening of cinemas and also to offer customers the safe cinema visit. „Today’s situation has probably forced many companies in the service sector to review their current hygiene standards. As the largest cinema service provider in Estonia, we would like to offer the visitors a safe and high-quality cinema experience if we reopen. We are grateful to our good partner Stell, who was ready to test this innovative cleaning technology with Apollo Kino, ” Ärm added.

Estonia’s largest cinema service provider Apollo Kino has cinemas in Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu, Narva and Saaremaa, accommodating 5,600 film enthusiasts in cinemas with 37 screens. In 2019, Apollo Kino also opened its first cinemas in Latvia and Lithuania.

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Photo: Madis Veltman