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Stell is using robot for snow removal

Stell Eesti AS is the first facility management company in Estonia who signed agreement with Lumebot team.

The collaboration between Lumebot and Stell started in the summer 2019. Lumebot introduced its idea and prototype to Stell. According to Margus Välling, Stell’s Director of Sales and Purchasing, the company saw an immediate opportunity in Lumebot to improve the capacity and quality of street cleaning unit. “There is a particular added value in using the robot in the event of constant snowfall, as the robot provides 24/7 clean-up when needed,” Välling added.

Lumebot is an Estonian startup company whose idea of developing autonomous street cleaning robot started at the startup competition organized by Cleveron in 2018. Lumebot can work regardless of the season, cleaning the streets from fallen leaves and garbage, as well as snow. A 500-kg robot cleans up to 5,000 square meters or 12 kilometers of pedestrian roads in a single charge.

According to  Kaspar Kikerpall, one of the co-founder of Lumebot, the robot fits perfectly to clean pedestrian roads, parking lots, and areas in front of the buildings during the whole year. Street cleaning robots are equipped with sensors that are monitoring surroundings and that make them safe for people or other objects around them.

“Our target in Stell is to implement innovations and new technologies or processes throughout our company. For example, there are robots bringing food to your room in the hotels in Japan then why we should not allow robots to clean snow on the streets in Estonia” added Stell Head of Sales and Procurement Margus Välling

Lumebot with Stell logo can be seen in Tehnopol Science Park in Tallinn. According to Välling, the expectations for Lumebot are high and in the future, Stell will definitely want to use the robot on other objects served as well.


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