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Stell measures to prevent the virus

Since the government declared an emergency situation in Estonia in connection to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that our customers are provided with daily service. At same time we need to ensure that our people are healthy and well protected.

We actively advise all our employees on measures to keep themselves healthy and safe. It is very important for us to pay attention and instruct cleaning service personnel to use the correct and safe working methods to prevent infection. This will also ensure a safer work environment for our customers.

As a preventive measure, we need to pay more attention to cleaning the surfaces, as the virus can also spread by touching the surfaces and, as a result, be transmitted by the hands. We have developed detailed guidelines for cleaning measures during the virus spread period. High attention has been raised to various touch points commonly used such as switches, door edges, handles, handrails, elevator buttons, chair backs and armrests, paper and soap dispensers in toilets, and all common items used in the office and public areas.

In addition we can assist our clients in preventing the spread of various bacteria and viruses. For this we have developed two phased cleaning services which contains services like:

1 step – proper daily cleaning of the surfaces
2 step – disinfection of previously cleaned surfaces

We mainly disinfect the most commonly used touch points based on the specifics of each object. Disinfection is carried out by cleaning service personnel who provide on-site cleaning services. To order the service, contact your Stell contact person and agree on additional disinfection service and its intervals.

Maintaining cleanliness and general hygiene is crucial everywhere. Contact us, if you need a consultation on how to keep your premises as clean as possible, what cleaning frequency and measures would be wise to apply to your facility, or if you would like to take the opportunity to perform a major cleaning in rooms that are currently closed. Take contact with your Stell contact person for additional measures. For new inquiries please send the e-mail to address info@stell.ee.

Let´s be healthy! Together we find the solutions!