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Customers recommend Stell

Stell annually conducts surveys regarding the experience of its customers. The purpose of the survey is to measure customer satisfaction and collect feedback on our services. When determining the sample group and compiling the questionnaire, we are guided by international methods, one of the main criteria of which is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS shows us the share of loyal customers in the total customer base.

We are very pleased that, despite the difficult years of the coronavirus crisis, we were able to maintain the trust of our customers. Compared to 2020, NPS dropped a few points but compared to 2019, we did something that our customers quite liked.

Reliability and good reputation are the cornerstones of any long-term partnership. At Stell, we believe it is important that our services help to protect the reputation and property of clients. Trust and cooperation always make finding the best solutions possible.

Professionalism, continuity and quality of services

Our company makes a significant contribution to improving the professionalism of its managers and key employees. We have learned that service satisfaction starts with competent, dedicated employees who establish good customer relationships. It is increasingly important for us to be able to anticipate problems with our client real estate. This has become especially relevant in recent crisis years, when, in cooperation with clients, we had to quickly adapt to changes.

In order to preserve our team in changing circumstances, at the end of last year we launched a vaccination campaign, as a result of which we start this year with an even stronger team that can consistently provide services to you.

In addition, we are taking a number of steps to better address various real estate-related issues. For instance, during the first quarter we will introduce work task management software to bring work planning and monitoring and, as a result, work quality to a new level. We will continue to invest in training of the key personnel with the ambitious goal of training 90% of our cleaning staff.

This year we will continue to develop the company to provide quality and stable services for our current and new customers.