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We have joined the health-promoting jobs network

Since March 2022, Stell has been a member of the health-promoting jobs network (TET).

The Estonian health-promoting jobs network was established in 2005 on the initiative of the Health Board. The National Institute for Health Development has been coordinating and managing the network since 2006.

Health promotion activities are planned in line with the strategic goals of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Social Affairs, as well as in agreement with the goals set out in public health policy documents.

Goals of TET network:

  • bring together professionals from various institutions, companies, and organizations to share best practices;
  • support organizations in developing the working environment and raising employee health awareness;
  • improve the prevention of occupational diseases, work safety and the prevention of work-related health problems.

Stell is committed to the values ​​and principles of TET network. We focus on improving the well-being of our employees, paying particular attention to people’s health needs and expectations. At the same time, we greatly emphasize labour protection. We consider it important that the working environment remains safe, comfortable, and motivating.

September is sports month at the Stell office, and we put a lot of emphasis on movement. We present various movement-related challenges, such as achieving the highest step count, and organize group training. In addition, there are lectures on healthy eating and mental well-being.

In other months, we also organize challenges that support healthy habits, order fresh fruits to the office, and provide massage services to office workers.